• Hello, I am Maureen Mortham and my family has lived in Norfolk for generations. For as long as I can remember, and even before I was born, there have been bulldogs in the family. Here is a picture taken in 1926 of my grandfather, father and uncle with bulldog "Gemini Zodiac". Packapunch 1926
    History Packapunch When I eventually had my own home, I acquired my very first bulldog from Petergard Kennel "Georgie Girl". She was a typical bully, gentle, loyal and lots of fun. She and my three children grew up together. It was a great experience sharing our lives with her. She taught the children responsibility, kindness, and the ability to share. They experienced a companionship second to none. It was a sad time for us when she died at eight years of age. Anyone who has shared their home with bulldogs will understand the emptiness which is left behind when they are no longer with us.
    Thank heavens for the many happy memories.
    Four years later we were lucky enough to purchase a bulldog puppy "Sydlaine Jubilee Jaunty" (Thurston), followed two years later by Katie. Thurston proved himself a great character, loved and remembered by all who met him. He lived to the age of 12.5 years, dying peacefully in his sleep. Katie was the founder of the Packapunch kennel. As you can see I have owned and loved bulldogs for over 30 year, but it is only since 1984 that James and I have found the time necessary to devote to breeding and showing.
  • For Christmas 1985 my father gave me a present of money and we decided to use it to establish an affix.
    Six names were put forward and we were delighted when we were awarded "PACKAPUNCH" for our affix.

    This in our view is the word that sums up the bulldog and also the effect we hope our kennels will have in the bulldog world.


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