PackaPunch Bulldogs

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In the first litter bred at Packapunch was "Anglian Sebastian of Outdoors" who won his first challenge certificate CC and Two Reserve CCs while still a puppy. In the same litter was "Packapunch Kenour Gemini Zodiac" (right) who did extremely well in the show ring, winning Two Firsts at CRUFTS and Reserve CC at Leeds, despite not having been shown extensively. She produced three super litters and deservedly won
BEST PROGENY at the Junior Bulldog Club Championship Show in 1988 ; Quite an accomplishment for a bitch as it is more usual for stud dogs to enter with their progeny.

We are proud to be able to say that every litter bred a Packapunch has produced a show winner. One of our proudest moments was when PACKAPUNCH OUR BOY MAX (below) won BEST OF BREED CRUFTS 1989 under the late great Claude Bannister.

Packapunch gemma
Packapunch our boy max
"Packapunch Our Boy Max"
Packapunch has exported to Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Norway, Holland, America, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, of course we have had enquires from many other countries but we are a small kennel, we breed selectively and produce quality not quantity, and therefore demand outstrips supply.

When friends have puppies from this kennel we warn them their lives will never be the same again, another dimension is added to life. The number of good friends we have made at home and overseas is too great to mention. They travel many miles to visit us and much is learnt by discussing the breed and different methods of caring for Bullies.